Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller – Black/Gray, Bring Your Twins Jog

baby jogger summit x3 double stroller

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When a baby is just born, the mother will usually choose to hold baby because her body is still relatively weak. Well, if the baby has started to learn to sit, the mother needs baby equipment required such as baby stroller. This vehicle has function that mothers can more  easily bring along their child in activities outside the home and make it more comfortable to sit and even sleep.

Today, the baby stroller models had been created even to use when the father and mother to exercise. Yep, jogging stroller is the type in question. However, what is it the difference between the baby stroller with the kind of standards that we usually see?

Jogging Stroller

Just like the name suggests, the stroller is used when parents want to jog with the children. This vehicle has three wheels with front wheel patents that can run straight forward and easily control. While diving drinking water, which means you can do more freely jog activities and spend quality time with the little one.  The wheels are made of rubber material quality, which are safe for use on hard ground surfaces, muddy, rocky, etc. The shape is much firmer, larger and longer follow its ability to strenuous activity. It is equipped with a place to put food and drinks. The chairs are made so that your child can sit upright facing forward and not easily dizzy due to rapid movement of the stroller. This seat is also equipped with a safety mat and quality.

Baby Stroller Standard

This vehicle is intended for everyday use and is equipped with many pockets for the purposes of the little one, equipped with 3 plastic tires that could not survive if pushed too hard and fast. The right size for a baby with a major ingredient that is not too heavy. Excess standard stroller is collapsible making it easier for parents to store it when not in use. This stroller can be controlled with one hand, unlike jogging train that requires parents to be more careful and control it using two hands. Seat cushion in the baby carriage can be removed and used as a baby seat in the car.

After learning the fundamental difference from a standard baby stroller and baby jogging stroller, you now have a reference for selecting the type of baby stroller as needed. If you are an active parent, jogging stroller can be selected. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller is most suitable for your child.

Jogging anywhere and go anywhere at any speed with the highly maneuverable Summit X3 double jogging stroller. All-wheels suspensions and all-terrain tires means your kids will enjoy the ride as much as you do. The Summit X3 double jogging stroller allows you to go everywhere. 100 lb Weight Capacity Seats, Combined, Double stroller weighs 37 lb, Maximum Head High 23 “.


There are various accessories that you can add to your stroller during the ride. This will certainly add to your happiness during the journey. You will be able to have new sensations along your journey every day.

Travel System adjusted

This product frees you to make your own travel system with your pair X3 Summit double jogging stroller with infant car seat GO Kota us, or any brand of car seat your baby, using a car seat adapter trendy that we have designed. You can alsobuy a unique car seat adapter for baby car seat / stroller combination which are sold separately.

Active lifestyle

Have experience of your active lifestyle, you do not have to slow down with two in tow; KTT double X3 allows you to bring fun together when you get your exercise. Accessorize double stroller is provide so just put your own stamp on it.

Product Description

The Summit X3 offers exceptional performance and maneuverability on any terrain. This hybrid jogger stroller and comfortably furnished with a swivel lock away all newly mounted on the handlebar. Simply flip the lever to lock the wheels straight ahead when you go for a run or let go into play mode in a single step to walk without touching the front wheels. Stroller tandem has patented technology quickly fold Baby Jogger so you can fold X3 Summit with one hand, accessory universal mounting bracket to accessorize with ease, an increase of all independent suspension system wheel and a hand-operated rear drum brakes offer increased control to added safety in hilly terrain. The Summit X3 sports a 16 “rear and 12” front quick release pneumatic tire, padded seats recline to a near flat position and a seat on vented with weather cover to improve airflow inside the twin jogging stroller when lying down. It is also featured a large adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo window and side panel ventilation, a comfortable handlebar grip by removing the net, rear seat storage compartment, large under seat basket, adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and rear parking brake. Summit X3 is a brilliant solution for parents who want to buy a stroller which has the style and safety you expect from Baby Jogger, with the maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds.

This product has a weight of 37 pounds, while the dimension of the product is 53.2 x 32.5 x 40.6 inches. You may not bring the goods is less than 15 pounds and no more than 50 pounds. You do not need to use the battery if you want to use this stroller. Based on customer reviews, this product gained 4.4 rating of 5 stars.

Pros Cons
  • Good canopies
  • One step fold
  • Hand brake
  • Solid build
  • Deeper seat
  • Easy recline
  • Weight
  • non-adjustable handle bar

How about review of baby jogger summit x3 double stroller above? Are you interested to buy? Grab it fast! Give the best stroller to your beloved little one and enjoy your day.


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