baby stroller for summer

baby stroller for summer

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Choosing a pram or stroller is not easy. There are so many models offered. When many products lined up as well, for those who are not familiar or have never bought a stroller, which often occurs is confusion and resignation to the seller. Here are some points that you can consider before deciding to spend some money on a stroller.

Important Points

1. Security. Each child will need security. In the case of preventive protection is the main thing. Find products that offer security features for children, such as safety belt (seatbelt) also nets with small holes in open areas that allow children problem occurs limbs entangled. Make sure the foot brake to lock the stroller easily visible and easy to operate.

2. Comfort. Besides taking into account comfort for the child, parents should be noted also the convenience of using stroller. For a parent who was tall, comfort when stepping is quite important. Note the area under the stroller. Try to open and use a stroller while walking before buying, to see the needs and comfort of your leg room when walking. Stroller push the handle area also should not be below the height of the abdomen parents. When a parent or caregiver’s height is different, find the height of the handle can be adjusted.

3. Ease. Stroller is generally used when traveling. Therefore, make sure its use is quite easy and quick. Before buying, try folding and open the stroller with one hand, because most likely, while doing this you’re holding the baby in the other. Also check the stroller when the maneuver will turn. Ensure easy to operate.

4. Hygiene. All matters related to children and infants will occur cleanliness issues. Therefore, make sure the fabrics and materials of the stroller easily opened for cleaning.

5. Quality. Because in general, the price is relatively expensive stroller, ensure the quality obtained was worth it. In good quality, the stroller can be used for years. If any child is no longer used, the stroller can be used after younger siblings or other children. Find that the material is not made of ordinary plastic, not noisy during use, and stable.

6. Connection. One feature that is worth considering is a stroller that facilitates connection parents and children on walks using a stroller. Proximity and the angle of the child seat will affect the parent-child connection. This connection will help establish a parent-child closeness through the eye also hearing that makes the child feel secure, to keep the child from dust, and to help children see and explore the world from a higher perspective. In addition, with a height adjustable chair that would facilitate the issuing parent-child put in a stroller.


1. Do not hang anything on the handle thrust, because of the risk stroller toppled.

2. Always use the safety net and seat belts.

3. As much as possible keep a baby stroller when folded, because there is the risk of babies squashed.

4. Always make sure all points pram locked before putting the baby on it. Usually there was a click.

5. Never put drinks or hot liquid in the cup holder.

6. Weight stroller in a closed state needs to be considered when going often taken away.

baby stroller for summer

About the Product

  • Durable, stylish aluminum frame (12 pounds) with large seat area
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • 4 position recline with 5 point safety harness
  • Extra-large storage basket and also rear storage pocket
  • New and improved easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock
  • Adjustable and removable canopy

3D lite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

What’s Included:

Instructions, canopy, 4 wheels (2 front and 2 rear), stroller frame with seat, cup holder, storage basket, and carry strap.


1. Large seat area

2. Durable, 12 pound frame, and stylish

3. Multi-position recline

4. Easy compact 3-D fold

5. Adjustable and removable canopy

6. Extra-large basket

7. Rear storage pocket

8. Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels

Air-Light & Compact

The 3D lite has an all-aluminum frame so that it is super lightweight yet incredibly durable. Weighing less than 12 pounds means that it is one of the lightest strollers on the market. Plus, it has a compact, easy 3-step fold:

  • Firstly, lift the rear handle.
  • Next step is you should push the lever with your foot.
  • Then, Fold down and go.

With auto-lock and a carry strap, it is very ideal for carrying on the subway or through the airport.

Adjustable Canopy

The large and adjustable canopy will block your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful rays. Moreover, the pop out sun visor offers even more protection on extra sunny days. It is rated to block 99.9% of UVB rays and also UVA.

Easy-to-Recline Seat with 5-Point Harness

Unlike a traditional ‘X’ frame stroller, this stroller has an open design and the easy-to-recline seat lays nearly flat so that it is ideal for napping and on-the-go diaper changes. Plus, the 5-point safety harness easily adjusts to 3-height positions as your child grows, and with the additional padding your baby will always get a comfortable ride.

Plenty of Storage

The extra-large storage basket is suitable for holding over-sized diaper bags and purses. The rear storage pocket is perfect for keys and your cellular phones. With an included cup holder, you will always get a place for your beverages or baby bottles.

If you are a lover of black color, then this stroller can be a very suitable choice with you. This product has a weight of 15.9 pounds, while the dimension of the product is 41 x 8.8 x 10 inches. Whatever you take using this stroller should not have weighed more than 50 Pounds. You do not need an extra battery to be able to operate this stroller. Of the entire customer reviews, this product received rating 4.4 out of 5 stars.

What about baby stroller for summer above? Are you interested? What are you waiting for? Grab it fast!


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