Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, a Creative Idea for Twins

baby trend navigator double jogging stroller

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At the beginning of the baby’s life in which the relationship is actually built through touches, hugs, and soft words, the frequency of the use of the stroller must be relatively less. Holding position also allows the baby’s heartbeat and feels the blast of the breath of those who love him. This condition makes little baby feel comfortable and safe.

On the other hand, young mothers have often found that they need a lot of energy that must be expended to hold the baby for hours, especially when doing activities, either activity inside or outside the home. Therefore, a stroller is really helpful in supporting young mothers.

Nowadays, innovation to support young mothers is extremely growing. They are very lucky because almost everything to do with taking care of a baby or toddler has developed a lot in various facilities. One of the best creative ideas is the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is designed to offer comfort and security for the baby. It has some features which are suitable for what parents needed. It can take an infant seat and the trays are a good feature for parents who want a drink. It also has a lovely sun shades. They lock open, move independent to each other and stay at each angle. The canopy is to cover the babies and from the sun and it is never in their faces. It is able to  run without the front wheels locked and easy to turn when it is unlock. The speakers of the MP3 works really great, it is very beneficial to play classic to keep the baby sleep or awake. The handle is low and it is covered with soft rubber and comfortable in hands.

baby trend navigator double jogging stroller

Best choice for Twins

1. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is able in accommodating two babies with a trendy double seat.

2. A multi position seat is easy for baby because the reclining seat provides a comfortable place to relax when mother doing

3. It is also beneficial for traveling parents. The five-point harness is to help babies stay safe when traveling.

4. The canopy offering shade and protection from air and sun ray.

5. This stroller has lockable swivel casters at the front and two trays and cup holders to provide snacks and drinks for the babies.

6. Babies can also enjoy music as the stroller is equipped with a plug-in MP3 and speakers.

The Benefits

When the twin tired and sleepy during the outdoor activities, the stroller can be used as a temporary bed fairly comfortable. So, parents become more freely move. Even if the children chose to remain picking up or would not be put to linger in the pram, stroller can be used as a carrier trolley trinket; it needs of the child who needs to be taken during travel.

In fact, the benefits of the stroller not simply concern for parents because the child gets the benefits. Physically the babies remain adjacent to us, so they still feel our presence. While dwelling in the house, mother can use the stroller as their seats. In fact, some models are equipped toy stroller textured colors and sounds, as well as the facility to lull baby crib with rocking motion.

At home, the stroller can be used as an instant crib, when mother has to do something urgently and no other adults who could be asked for help keeping. Of course seat belt should really be installed properly and his stroller placed within range and oversight. When the babies can sit in their stroller, they will really enjoy look around the parks or houses while looking at the surrounding circumstances. If the babies have received complementary feeding, stroller seat can also function as a food. Sit the babies on it, fasten their seat belts, enable locking wheels, and start to feed.

About Product

1. This product accommodates two babies on the seats.

2. It is a side by side stroller for twins, bigger than a single stroller.

3. At the front is wheels swivel and pneumatic bicycle tire.

4. The larger front wheels and the stability over 3 wheeled jogging strollers.

5. Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, speakers, MP3 and enclosed storage compartment.

6. less effort and trigger folding easily collapse the navigator double for storage and transport

7. The padded seats offer multi position reclining seating.

8. Comfortable to carry everywhere, not heavy and has clear sound to play musics.

9. Very easy to putting it together.

10. The shades can be positioned in different ways to cover the babies from the sun.


  • Double front swivel or locking wheels
  • Reflectors on the wheels and frame
  • Provides the paddle with rubber handle
  • Rolling all terrain bicycle tires will be filled the air for a smooth easy push
  • It has Individual Canopies and chairs
  • Able to accept one or two Flex Loc Infant Car Seats to home from hospital use
  • Adjustable five-Point Safety Harness
  • Each independent chair reclines
  • Parent tray has built in speakers that accept an MP3 player and two large cup holders
  • Padded easy washing Loveseat
  • Two large storage basket
  • Large Parent and twin child trays with snack and cup holders
  • It is completed with a parking brake


This product has a weight of 25 pounds, while the dimensions of the products are 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches. You must be careful not to arbitrarily yourself when bringing stuff using this stroller. This stroller is recommended not to carry too little nor too heavy. You are advised to carry at least 5 pounds and a maximum of 100 pounds. You do not need to add batteries for this stroller.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth ride
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put and take off
  • Heavy

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