Bob Double Stroller, Best Friend for Adventure

bob double strollerSE Duallie revolution has created a new product innovation with advanced features, reserved for those who love sport and adventure-filled experience such as it travels from down the hill to explore the beach. Stroller is enhanced by wheels which are very capable when passing congested areas and around tight corners with the revolutionary front wheel spin or lock it in place for increased stability jogging or when the terrain is difficult. Easily folded, with a lightweight design means this BOB is ready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you. The state of the art suspension to make sure the baby will have a smooth ride on the road. If one of the small children you are not quite ready for a roomy, comfortable seating, Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and Snack Tray for your toddler.

This sportive product is suitable for parents and caregivers, BOB Revolution SE Stroller Duallie provides front wheels to spin and lightweight frame is designed for two places. Frame is easy to be folded and suspension systems provide convenience and comfort for parents and children will love it. This stroller is packed with extra features that has some benefit  such as a seat at the same time can be layed back and easily adjustable, and it is equipped with two canopies that has a variety of positions.

It has  a totally smooth ride and it handles turns, bumpy gravel, grass, hard road, and so on. It also has shocks, making the bumpy rides bearable for children. The wheels are very solid and children will feel comfort while riding it. The seats are padded, it has multiple adjustments for the straps, and the canopies are well made. The tires are little bit wavy for various kinds of road surfaces. It is good for walkers and runners parents. The wheels are really easy to put on and take off. Quickly.

Bob Double Stroller

Easy to maneuver through swiveling front wheels

Do you want to walk in the park or play a steep angle? Revolution SE Stroller Duallie offers dependable maneuverability with front wheel should spin completely. You can also lock the front wheels when it is running with the advanced position to improve stability during exercise or when the terrain turns uneven and not soft. Completed with three wheels which are designed very strong and flexible. This stroller has two large rear wheels and sturdy for all kinds of surfaces, and the front wheels were comfortable passing a hard road surface

Adaptor accessory

Adaptor Accessoryis created for security and allow you to attach BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter which is sold separately. So, you can use the trendy stroller with infant car seat in accordance.

A smoother ride with the suspension system

To travel with a smooth ride, an adjustable suspension system provides a very smooth incline.  Shock absorbers are designed with two positions; the system is intended for the convenience and reliability. Five-point padded harness with fasteners are tightened with a convenient pull ring keep every child safe. You can do quickly wth your feet to push a rear wheel brake system as the additional security.

Compact, easy-to-Fold Frame

Two-step folding frame offers easy transportation for busy parents and baby sitters. It is made from strong chromyl and aluminum alloys, a lightweight frame folds to a compact size for goods storage and transportation. The fabric has a good quality and is durable and also easy to clean, stain resistant, and is offered in a choice of colors to suit your character.

Adjustments and Storage Options

We often experience that the children always fall asleep during a walk, they will feel very comfortable with a padded surface, adjustable reclining seats are tilted back to 70 degrees from vertical. Equipped with multi-position canopy for protection against the elements of dust, air, and sunlight, with a large window that lets you keep an eye on your children.

This stroller also provide a variety of storage options, there are two seat-back pockets, designed with four interior pockets, and the revolution of hanging baskets underneath to store everything from drinks and snacks to purse and other valuables things. This stroller also provide a variety of storage options, there are two seat-back pockets, designed with four interior pockets, and the revolution hanging baskets underneath to store everything from drinks and snacks to purse other valuables.
BOB Revolution SE Stroller Duallie palin will give a guarantee for five years in maximum which is limited to the frame and one year guarantee is limited to small parts and fabric. The instruction of guide book is also provides inside the box of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller.

Some weakness of this product do not make it less as the choice. The size is big because it is completed with double seast and two canopies. It also little bit heavy by 34 pounds weight. These drawbacks will be the challenges  for parents whether they think that sportive designed has more beneficial features instead of the size and weight issues.

About Product

  • Swiveling front wheel for superior maneuverability, locks forward for increased stability jogging.
  • State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Easy two step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and goods storage.
  • Accessory adapter for quick and easy attachment of BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray.
  • adjustable reclining seat for comfort seating, 5-point padded harness makes your child comfortably

This product weighs 34 pounds, while the dimensions of the product are: 58.3 x 30.6 x 40 inches. You must know the weight that you can carry when traveling by using the stroller. It is recommended to bring anything with a minimum weight of 34 pounds, while the maximum weight that you can carry is 100 pounds.

Pros Cons
  • Good steering control
  • Ride smoothly
  • Small storage

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