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As its name implies, the multi-award winning City Select Baby Jogger Stroller originated from jogging pushchairs and since its debut, has grown to become one of the most popular strollers – for valid reasons as you will see. It is an all-rounded product that can technically transform to cater for all needs. For instance, you can switch from a single stroller to a double in no time by adding a bassinet, or better yet, a triple if need arises. In short, the City Select Baby Jogger serves as the ultimate travel system for parents with one or more kids.

It is of paramount importance to clarify that this is not a jogging stroller as the name would suggest. It is basically a baby stroller designed for everyday use regardless of whether you want to visit the park or perhaps, go for a shopping spree at the mall. The best part is, it easily glides regardless of the surface meaning you need very little effort to get it going. It has won numerous awards due to the cool features it boasts – we’ll get there in a few – but more importantly because with it, you don’t need another stroller at all thanks to its numerous configurations amounting to 16.

In a nutshell, it is the ideal product for growing families – a luxury stroller packing sufficient capacity and flexibility to complement the needs of a growing family. That said, let’s dive right in and have a look at the features to expect with the City Select Baby Jogger. Enjoy.

City Select Baby Jogger Features


As you may have gathered already, it is safe to say the City Select Baby Jogger is a premium stroller designed for the high-end niche. On the surface, it is purely eye candy with great aesthetics that will likely catch your eye from the get go. The stroller’s frame is made from alluring brushed aluminum with black functional parts that complement the comprehensive product well. You get a super-grip rubber handle for optimal control – more so for the sweaty types – with a myriad of handle height adjustments ranging from 100.5 cm to 107.5 cm. It delivers impressive grip that’s way better than the usual foam handles and can be adjusted using the central button.

City Select Baby Jogger - Side Look

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As you move down the impeccable frame, you will notice the brakes mounted on the right shaft of the handle. The distinguishing factor here is, the brakes are hand-applied and hence, really easy to activate regardless of the shoe type. Generally, though, pulling the brakes towards you will instantly activate the brake system to the back wheels for a firm hold regardless of surface. This is further enhanced by the large pneumatic tires designed for life-long service meaning you need not fret over the risk of punctures at any point in time. To release the brakes, all you need to do is push a small grey button fixed on the top and flick the lever forward, voila!

As you go further down the frame, you will notice the primary twin set brackets intended for mounting the seat. It’s worth noting the City Select allows the user an option of either adopting a lower or higher seating position depending on the needs. For storage, City Select went all out as you would expect and slung a sufficient basket between the rear and front axles. The storage basket is expandable at the back and accessible from the front – how cool is that? This allows you to fit all your essentials in simplistic fashion.

The Fold:

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As you would expect, the Baby Jogger’s fold is purely ingenious and if it weren’t for the large “FOLD” sign embossed on the central hubs, it wouldn’t be easy to figure it out. As inconspicuous as it may seem, it is a really user-friendly process that requires less effort and time. All you have to do is simply lift each bracket for the stroller to fold into half. The immediate fold can be described as fluid – the front wheels glide back to meet the handle at the back axle.

While the City Select’s fold packs no auto-locking system – which is quite shocking for a stroller of its caliber – you can apply a manual bracket to ensure that it stays folded. The frame, though, is well designed and will stay folded on its own unless of course, it is bothered in one way or the other. The only downside in this regard is that it is highly unlikely it will stand independently in a vertical position more so if fold it with the single seat placed in a forward-facing direction. Conversely, opening the stroller is one of its easiest applications and all you have to do is shake it out until it clicks.

The Seat:

As earlier stated, the seat system is highly customizable being that it allows you to mount a seat unit in one of two heights and in one of two directions – either facing towards the rear or front. For older children seeking to explore the world to its fullest, the lower and forward facing seating position serves as ideal. On the flip side, the higher seating position while facing the parent is designed for little angels that still need to keep their mum in sight – how thoughtful.

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In a nutshell, the City Select seats offer sufficient room as you would expect from a stroller its size. The seat dimensions consists of 20cm deep and 29.5cm wide with a back height of 48cm. The back height increases by 11cm headroom space if the canopy is joined to the seat frame in the higher position. Basically, the canopy is well designed with three large sections and a peephole window at the middle, superbly covered with a sleek magnetic flap system.

You also get a five point harness system that easily clips into a variety of three different shoulder heights. All you have to do in order to adjust the heights is simply unclipping the system and repositioning it to your preference. To further enhance comfort, the City Select also packs a sufficiently roomy leg rest amounting to 23cm. As if that’s not enough, the leg rest allows you to angle it at four varying positions between 0 to 90 degrees. In similar fashion, the seat will also recline to four different positions – from a sitting position to a full-recline position.


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The City Select sports a medium-sized canopy with a UV rating of 50+ – safe enough for kids of all ages. As earlier mentioned, the canopy comes in three different segments with a peek-a-boo window at the middle crafted from mesh material for extra ventilation. On a sunny day, the canopy will throw in some much needed shade and thanks to the ingenious magnetic closure system on the peek-a-boo window, you can easily monitor your child. The best part, though, is the canopy can be adjusted for the varying head heights and seating positions – quite thoughtful indeed.

City Select Baby Jogger Configurations

While the BabyJogger City Select is a really user-friendly stroller by all means, things could get a little messy for newbies considering that it boasts a whopping sixteen different configurations. Sure, it easily transforms into an everyday pushchair, however, you need to know all it can do in order to narrow down your preferences depending on the situation at hand. Here are the sixteen configurations entailed in the City Select.


  • Carrycot – parent facing
  • Car seat – parent facing
  • Seat unit – parent facing
  • Seat unit – forward facing


  • Carrycot top and seat unit bottom – both parent facing
  • Car seat top and car seat bottom – both parent facing
  • Seat unit top and seat unit bottom – both parent facing
  • Seat unit top and seat unit bottom – both forward facing
  • Seat unit top and seat unit bottom – facing each other
  • Seat unit top – parent facing and carrycot bottom – forward facing
  • Carrycot top – parent facing and seat unit bottom – forward facing
  • Seat unit top – parent facing and seat unit bottom – forward facing
  • Car seat top – parent facing and seat unit bottom – forward facing
  • Car seat top and carrycot bottom –both parent facing
  • Car seat top – parent facing and seat unit bottom – forward facing
  • Seat unit top and carrycot bottom – both parent facing
city select baby jogger configuration

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With the wide array of options to choose from the above, finding a configuration to suit your needs shouldn’t be that much of hassle on any given day. It’s always great to have a stroller with so many configurations to choose from as it always keeps things fresh depending on the feel. For instance, your kid may want to play with his/her siblings on a given day meaning a face-to-face configuration would do just fine. If the older one feels like exploring what mother-nature has to offer on a sunny Sunday afternoon, a back-to-back would certainly serve as ideal. The long and short of it is the City Select offers a wide array of possibilities, which really come in handy for day-to-day use.

The best part is, the second seat of the City Select is exactly the same size as the primary seat and functions in similar fashion. This veers from the norm in the niche where most configurations compromise the size and space of the secondary seat in order to accommodate two kids on the single chassis – not with the City Select Baby Jogger, though. It will remain rock solid and sturdy regardless of the tandem you settle for.

City Select Baby Jogger Accessories:

As you may have gathered already, the City Select BabyJogger is a highly customizable stroller by all means. You have a wide array of accessories to choose from in case you need to spruce things up a little. For instance, you can opt to accessorize the stroller with a single setting child tray from City Select just in case you need to feed your little angel while on the stroller, or perhaps, a weather shield by City Select for the carrycot/bassinet if you live in regions with harsh climatic conditions. Other essential accessories you can opt for consist of a car seat adapter, UV canopy, liquid holster, glider board and parent console just to name a few. In a nutshell, City Select has the perfect accessories for your stroller meaning all you need should be right there next to the product itself during purchase.

city select baby jogger accessories 2

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The Pros:

Easy fold – it’s worth noting that the stroller folds easily even with both seats attached. This is even further enhanced when you take the seats off.

Simplistic parking brake – the City Select packs a hand braking system located on the side of the handle. This means that you can finally stop worrying about your shoes getting scratched since all you need is your hands now.

Forever-air tires – the four wheel model sports “forever-air” tires that guarantee longevity. In short, these tires are stuffed with lightweight foam inside and not air meaning they will never go flat regardless of surface.

Stability – the City Select BabyJogger is one of the most stable strollers you can get. Whether you have one kid on it or two, it will easily glide regardless of where you go. However, it is always advisable to place the heavier kid on the higher seating position close to you.

Comfort – being a product designed for the high-end niche, you can be guaranteed of extra comfort with the BabyJogger. It even boasts adjustable footrests and four different seating positions – how can you beat that?



Lacks auto-fold locking system – as earlier mentioned, the stroller lacks a locking system when you fold, which is somewhat shocking for a premium product of its caliber. However, it behaves and won’t unfold unless shaken.

Weight – of course, what else would you expect from such an all-rounded model. It is a great stroller with an infinite number of impressive features, but this certainly comes at a cost – heavy. It is quite heavy compared to other strollers in the niche, but that’s just about all the bad you can write home about.

In Conclusion:

The one thing that makes the City Select Baby Jogger a great product is its simplicity, period. All the processes are really fluid regardless of whether you want to remove the seats or perhaps, adjust the harness. In short, you can be guaranteed of seamless applications with it. Don’t expect to come across sticking parts or wiggling components at some point. It delivers impeccable functionality and great value for money – the perfect combo for any product out there.

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