Oxo Baby Stroller Review

Confuse to looking for a fashionable stroller which suit your acitiviy? Check this review of oxo baby stroller!

OXO Tot Cubby Stroller, Charcoal

OXO Tot Cubby Stroller, Charcoal

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About Product

  • It is dsigned with one-handed and soft opening in fast. The struggle-free start to your stroll and a one-handed which quick-release fold is able to make a closing the Stroller a snap in two easy steps
  • The stroller stands upright when it is folded with the handlebar and canopy off the ground
  • It offers 5-pt safety harness with soft pads keeps your kids safe and secure
  • It is provided large and expandable basket which makes for easy access and added capacity when you need it
  • It iscreated to be easy-to-clean of the fabric which breathable, wipeable and water-resistant

One-Handed Set to Open & Close

The Cubby Strollers has every feature a soft one-handed to be opened and closed. So, you can unfold and fold your Stroller very easily, even if you are holding a squirming tot. When it closed, they swill tand upright without leaning, while children they stay put.

Lightweight for  Everywhere

This stroller is very easy-to-carry single stroller which has thoughtful details galore, from a sandal-friendly brake to a ventilated back panel that able to be opened when the seat is reclined.

Extra Storage

It is completed with two easy-access pockets in the back and a large part. The expandable basket is underneath, Cubby Strollers have loads of storage for diapers, wipes, toys, snack, bottle, and everything you need for a stress-free stroll.

Secret  Pocket

It is innovated with tucked a ‘secret’ pocket up by the handle just for grown-ups to store phones, keys, wallets and more, especially for parents. Then again, it has a great place to keep the ice cream truck money handy.

The Peek-a-Boo Window

It is provided with The Peek-a-Boo window in the expandable, with UPF 50+ canopy is created to let you check in on your tot easily wherever your journeys take you.

Product Description


Cubby Strollers are designed to solve parents’ pet peeves from storage to comfort and everything in between, giving you high-quality appearance without sacrificing mode. The Cubby Strollers every feature a one-handed, soft opening and closing, durable materials, and many more. They are offered thoughtful details galore, from a sandal-friendly brake that only needs the bottom of your foot to use, to a ventilated back panel that automatically opends while the seat is reclined. Completed with two easy-access pockets in the back, and a generous, expandable basket underneath, the Cubby Strollers designed many of storage for diapers, wipes, toys and everything you need for a stress-free stroll.


  • With Peek-a-boo window in canopy offerss you check in on your child
  • The waterproof, UPF 50 canopy keeps your kids from rain or shine
  • It has pull-out canopy extension provides extra coverage for the sunniest days
  • Provides two convenient zipper pockets provide extra storage for diapers, wipes, snacks and more
  • The discreet is an easy-access pocket for phones, keys, wallets and more
  • The ventilated back panel offers airflow in any of the reclined positions
  • It is durable which the soft handlebar is comfortable to grip
  • The sandal-friendly brake able to locks and unlocks Stroller from top of pedal with an easy, intuitive motion
  • The seat reclines in any position for your children’s comfort
  • It has the car seat which compatibles with available car seat adaptors
  • The additional accessories are available which including Bumper Bar with Snack Tray, Cup Holder, and Rain Cover (sold separately)
  •  Item Weight
  • UPC
  • Product Dimensions
  • Item model number
  • Batteries required
  • Number of items
  • 28.2 pounds
  • 719812939636
  • 20 x 28 x 11 inches
  • 6396200
  • No
  • 1

Having nowhere to bring children boring, and nobody is able to help open a stroller, knows how frustrating the situation can be. This stroller terminate the problems. Folded and at rest, the handle sits directly behind the rear wheels. It needs one hand to handle to pull it back, swinging it away and up from the wheels in a half circle until it be in locked position.

When the stroller is not in fold, so the seat othen will fully pen in a second, ready to serve. The next best thing is the weight. The specs say it weighs sixteen pounds, but it is very less and easy feeling when bring it, even after carrying it up two flights of steps.

OXO’s thoughtful detail extends even to the canopy. It extends out to make it adjustable for the amount sun and its angle. The sun of UV protection is high rated and that it has a little window so you can check out the children and vice-versa.

There is a super handy foot brake which can be worked properly even when wearing only thin water shoes. If it is be compared to another strollers around the same price range, there was comparable, if not more, storage in the bottom of the pockets and aslo the basket.

A rain cover is an available accessory sold separately. It is also separately sell the bumper bar, try for snack, also the cup holder which has been attached, which disappointed me because they seem like common items on other strollers in this price range.

It assembled very quickly, snap on the wheels, and unfold, ur ready to use it. The engineering of this product is designed to fold compact, be light weight, adjustable for baby size and canopy and light weight. It also has a see through window.

The design is accomplishment. It goes from open to folded mode in less than a few seconds, so incredible for using public transportation where you must fold and unfold. The main supports are tubular alum. Maximizing strenght and minimizing weight. It also gives the stroller a high tech look.

So, does oxo baby stroller review above answer your curiousness about the perfect stroller? Make a note before buying! Don’t miss it, Mom! The best stroller for your kids!



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