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Today, many new innovation stroller have been reviewed. Check this information about peg perego double stroller that can be your important note.

1. Peg Perego Duette Piroet Atmosphereo Stroller

Peg Perego Duette Piroet Atmosphereo Stroller

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About Product

  • This product is made in Italy
  • It has a versatile chassis which is able to hold reversible seats, Primo Viaggio car seats and Pop-Up bassinets in many different configurations.
  • It is provided travel system compatible with Primo Viaggio car seats; accepts two car seats directly on to chassis without the need for adapters.
  • It has extremely agile front swivel wheels which allow for mobility through most narrow places
  • It is designed with large polyurethane wheels with ball bearings and suspension offer for 360 degree agility, less effort in pushing and more comfort for children

Product Description

This product gives many incredible combinations. The Duette Piroet is completely agile, with easy to use swivel front wheels, and provides mobility through most narrow road. The one-piece handlebar makes parent can manuever the in-line double stroller with little effort. The travel system is compatible with two Primo Viaggio car seats-without the need for adapters, and has an extra-large basket that can hold all of the necessities for twins. The chassis is able also to recieve two Pop-Up Bassinets, and a Pop-Up Bassinet with a Primo Viaggio car seat when used with the Adapter Duette. With the Piroet, your children will enjoy their ride in almost any place they please. The seats are able to be configured to face people, face the world, or face each other. Every seat is equipped with a adjustable legrests and generous backrest, letting kids travel at their own convenience level. The Duette Piroet is completed with large polyurethane wheels with tread and ball bearings with suspensions for a smooth trip on many different terrains. With the Duette Piroet, your big family will have the stroller it needs to do journey in comfort, safety and style. It has trendy design from Italy style.


Weight                                                                      : 26 pounds

Item model number                                           : IP0828NA62MF53DX53

Product Dimensions                                          : 31.5 x 31 x 40.5 inches

Maximum weight recommendation         : 45 Pounds

Dishwasher safe                                                   : No

Batteries required                                               : No

Is portable                                                               : No

The canopies are practice, they open further by a zipper that goes all the way over. It offers great coverage. It is also there is a flap when the canopies are unzipped that you can open to a mesh ventilation. It is on the top so in order to get ventilation you would also be allowing sun in.
You should check the height specs because kid’s head is grazing the canopy but width wise still fits and the feet comfortable on the foot rest. Not only that, the foot rest adjusts up. The break is flip flop friendly one click down to lock.

2. Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller, Atmosphere

Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller, Atmosphere

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About Product

  • This product is made in Italy
  • It is designed with travel system with adapters, the Book for Two can obtain either one or two Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats.
  • This product is very large, easy and very practical on the loading storage basket with smaller pockets included.
  • It is provuded the both seats with a generous recline that able to be implemented independently, allowing children their preferred convenience level.
  • The front bumper bar is open for easy access to both kids. Designed in “Prima Classed” material.

Product Description


This product is ine of the best compact side by side strollers, at just 29″ wide it can be folded easily and inward, like a “book” It can take up to two Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats. Evaluating at just 29″ wide, the side by side double stroller that will get you through those busy sidewalks or small store aisles easely. Not only this is a compact double stroller, it conveniencley can sit two young children up to 45 pounds each. The independent adjustable backrests and footrests provide every kid to do journey at their own secure level. The capability to hold up to two Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats is the one of the most unique features of the Book for Two. This makes parents able to use the stroller as a trip system with twins from birth. The Book for Two transforms into a trip system with the function of adapters. The single car seat adapter is also profvided for parents with kids of different ages. The Book for Two is completed with an extra large basket that has three pocket dividers to store smaller stuffs. It is completed with polyurethane wheels with ball bearings and suspensions for a smooth run on many different surfaces. The large hoods of the Book for Two have “peek-a-boo” windows with magnetic can be opened and closed which cover as well as a mesh ventilation system to keep air flowing. The front bumper can open to easily get children in and out of the stroller.


Weight                                                                       : 30.8 pounds

UPC                                                                             : 888487034943 888487030242

Product Dimensions                                          : 41.8 x 29.2 x 40.2 inches

Model number                                                       : IP0528NA79MF53DX53

Maximum weight recommendation         : 50 Pounds

Dishwasher safe                                                   : No

Batteries required                                               : No

Is portable                                                                : No

These are some information about the pros and contras

Pros Cons
  • It is very easy to set up, takes you less than 5 minutes even without the directions. Smooth riding will you get. Plus, it fits through the door way easily. Not only that, it is also easy to push, either up o down hills.  The wheels are great. It has a huge storage basket. You will like the recline options to adjust the foot rest.
  • While the basket underneath is huge, it seemed a little flimsy, like things could roll/fall out the back.

What are you waiting for? Book peg perego double stroller before you lose the opportunity to get it. Give your best stroller to your beloved little one means that you really car to your baby.


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