Tips to make your home walls attractive

You have added expensive furniture in your room then it is good thing but if you want to make your home more attractive then furniture is not enough. You should also do work on the walls of your home. Most of the persons ignore the walls of their home but when someone comes from outside they also notice the walls of home along with the furniture and other decorations as well. If you are worried about how can you make the walls of your home beautiful then you don’t need to worry about it because here we have added a complete guide for you that has been put together by the best interior design consultant in Dubai:  

Boxes in the wall:

You can add boxes in the wall, if the walls of your home are light in color then you can add white color boxes in the walls. You can also different shades of these boxes but whatever you choose it must be in contrast with the wall color. Because if you will choose same color as that of the wall then it will not be visible. Then you can place decoration pieces in these boxes too. 

Travel map:

If you are fond of travelling and you love to visit countries then you can add travel map on the wall. If you are fond if collecting specific things of countries which also represent these countries then you can also add this on the wall. 

The welcome sign:

If there is any separate entrance in your home then you can also add welcome sign on your entrance. Even this sign is also perfect for your living room. You can choose some bright colored welcome sign for your living room if the whole set up of your room is bright in color.

Comic book wall:

If you love to read books and you have some favorite comic book then you can also make wall in your room which is full of these frames. If you know about graphic designing then you can also make prints of these book covers. 

Paneled piece:

You can add some paneled piece in your home walls to give classy look to your walls. The best place to choose hang these pieces are your living rooms. If you don’t want to add multiple small decoration pieces then you can also go for one large paneled piece. But you must consider the contrasting color with the walls. Check it out for more details.