A Better Option For Your Stretch Mark Removal

A Better Option For Your Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are a common problem in adolescents and adults who lose or gain weight quickly. They form when collagen fibers in the skin are stretched beyond their limit and lose their ability to contract. Typically, these stretch marks start as a purple or red color and fade to white within 12 to 18 months. These marks may also develop on the body of a bodybuilder or other athlete who gains and loses rapidly. If you’re concerned about the appearance of stretch marks, laser stretch mark removal is the best option. Here are some other options for you. 

Moisturizing is a better option for stretch mark removal:

When it comes to stretch mark removal, the best thing you can do is moisturize your skin. A topical cream that contains retinol can help fade your stretch marks and smooth your skin. You can apply it up to three times a week. This method won’t make drastic changes but can make your stretch marks fade faster.

While topical creams can help fade these marks, they can’t eliminate them. They cannot get to the cause of the problem: damage underneath the skin’s surface. Despite their efficacy, retinoids can be irritating. For a gentler, non-irritating option, consider using a lotion that contains 0.1 percent retinol. 

Microneedling reduces the severity of stretch marks:

Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It works by stimulating collagen production by creating tiny channels in the skin. It offers results comparable to ablative laser treatments but without risks and discomfort. Microneedling can be done on a large area, allowing the practitioner to treat more areas simultaneously.

Retinoids reduce the appearance of stretch marks:

Retinoids are powerful drug ingredients used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These creams also improve skin texture and hydration. However, they require at least six months of consistent use before you can see significant results. Some women also experience side effects, including dry skin, discoloration and light sensitivity.

A tummy tuck can remove stretch marks:

Tummy tuck surgery can remove stretch marks on your tummy below the belly button. The procedure will also improve the appearance of the skin on your lower abdominal area. However, this procedure will not correct stretch marks higher than your belly button. This surgical procedure involves removing the excess skin and pulling the remaining skin downward.