Facts About Cars

Cars are made to make you travel to distant places within minutes and hours. Though you can travel as much as you want but back in the old days, people literally used to say good byes to their families if they had to travel to one country to another. Because they never knew that when they will ever come back and when if they come back will their families be still there. but we must be thankful to many people for making the cars exit, and we should be thankful to the person who saw a round rock and made it move and then people realized how tyres can be useful and some thanks goes to the Flint Stones as well. Click on this homepage to see more updates about Mini Cooper repair. If you are here, then take a look at the amazing facts about cars;

  1. The world’s very first car was made by Carl Benz in 1885 and the max it could go was 16 kilo meters per hour and it had a four stroke engine but they were cylindrical and this car was called as Benz Patent Motorwagen. Now, you can see latest Mercedes of all times.
  2. Car drivers need guidance on the road and that is done by signals and signs and paints on the roads and it becomes secure to drive like that as well. But did you know where the world’s first signal was? It was in America in Cleveland in Ohio in 1914 on 5th August and it was placed on the Euclid Avenue. And in Michigan the world’s first dividing line was drawn and that said no left turn.
  3. The world’s first car was made by Carl Benz we know that but he made another car that could travel to long distances and the first longest car distance was covered from Mannheim to Southern Germany to Pforzheim. And this was done by Bertha Benz along with her two sons and this was done in 1888.
  4. Did you ever wonder that how many cars are there in the world? You will be shocked to know that there are 7 billion people in this world and there are almost 1.2 billion cars in this world. And it is calculated that by 2040, there will be 2 billion cars in the world.