What happens during NDT training?

What happens during NDT training

According to ISO 9712, the personnel appearing for NDT training sessions have to first learn and master an NDT training technique, before getting a certificate in the expertise of the training. This training covers both the theoretical as well as practical part of the exam.

NDT training in Dubai and lead auditors training sessions vary in length but the most common time that is noted for an NDT examination program is 72 hours.

The required number of hours solely depends on the level the person wants to reach and what they want to specialize in. The recommendation is taking an at least 2 year degree, which would cut off at least 12 and a half hours from the training time.

But doing a four year degree or a two year degree is not necessary, there are many institutes or coachings that might provide the four year or the two year course in a shorter time. This is totally fine and this ought to take time out of your training session.

If the area you live in does not provide any kind of institute or teaching facility for the NDT training, then do not worry as there are many other organizations that offer online classes for people. Do keep in mind that even though the training courses are offered online, the students must visit the facility every few days to get hands-on experience on the technology.

The educational institutes such as schools or colleges have their own time period set for the NDT exam, some require the duration of 2 years while on the other hand some require 4 years.

It is quite obvious that NDT is related to technology so the degree or the NDT certificate does not last forever. Since the technologies are changing at a very rapid speed, the NDT engineers have to prove that they are keeping up with the ongoing technologies and have knowledge of them.

Now if you are wondering, how long does it take to be renewed? The certificate must get renewed every 5 years and in between that the engineer must have a documented experience of at least 2 months.

When you are eligible and certified for NDT, do not worry about finding a job as it is very easy to find one. Also when it’s time for your certificate to get renewed, they would automatically send you a reminder.