What to learn online for free?

All the time, you do not prefer to use copic markers in Dubai to learn something because school learning cannot teach you everything. You need to do something on your own. You need to use your internet for some good work and make yourself able to earn money and groom yourself. 

There are many skills which you can learn. Few of them are:

  1. Programming and coding: After some years, there will be programing and coding classes in all schools and grades to groom the kids according to the pace of the world. There are so many sites and application by which you can learn HTML and Javascript for free and easily by using their platforms to make programs. You can store them too. They give you guidelines on making programs and how to apply them. Visit website of any university and avail the course!
  2. Writing: Our whole life is based on communication. And writing is not less than a communication. And right now, in this era, it is getting important to become a better communicator. Thus to become that better, you need to learn, relearn and unlearn something to become influential. There are different rules and smart techniques to be able to write well. 
  3. Public speaking: Public speaking or dealing with public by using voice is also important. There are courses on Coursera and edX which can teach you about stress management and how to overcome your anxiety and nervousness while speaking to anyone. They have videos regarding understand the psyche of a listener which can help you to become a better speaker. Communicators, especially verbal communicators, are needed in every sector because everything is based on marketing and marketing can be executed by confident representatives only.
  4. Photography: We are living post-truth age where everything is fake and different. To keep on going this fake-ness, you need to have ability to capture better photographs and pictures. For this, you have to learn to use your phone’s camera to make pictures for cheap. There are courses of world’s famous universities on numerous sites whose professors can teach you a lot. They can tell you that how to use different functions to make the picture WOW instead of filters and photos specific applications.

So, these are few things which you can and you should learn from internet for free. All you have to do is to enroll yourself in the course, watch videos and pass test. However, there are some courses which are pricey but you can enroll for free if you avail an option of watching videos only. Thus, every difficult and problem has solution, all you need is to broaden your lens to get the way out of the darkness.