Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth inevitably lose their glaze because of a variety of dingy gray and yellow stains. This problem of stained teeth occurs because of aging and due to eating unhealthy acidic food. Even due to some chemicals which are present in different mouthwashes and due to different gum diseases your teeth lose their shine.

A person may also encounter yellow teeth because of enamel thinning. When the layer of enamel starts to weaken up then a person’s teeth appear darker. There are a number of teeth whitening kits which can solve issues related to your teeth. But one can also make use of natural products to return their teeth shine back.

In order to whiten your teeth naturally, you should follow some strategies. A few of these simple ways have been discussed below.

Dietary Changes

A variety of foods and different beverages may contain tannins which stain an individual’s teeth. Beverages like coffee, tea, a variety of dark sodas and different juices are harmful to your teeth. When a person eats acidic food on a regular basis then your enamel wears down. Due to this reason, a person’s teeth appear yellow. An individual should stop the intake of such food on a regular basis. Even after a person eats any type of food they should brush their teeth. This thing should be done on a regular basis to return their teeth shine back.

Oil Pulling

This means that a person should wash their mouth by making use of oil. By making use of this technique all sort of bacteria and even dirt washes away. After a person has brushed their teeth they should rinse their mouth with coconut oil or even sesame oil. By doing this all sort of stains will be removed away.

Whitening Teeth with Fruits

There are a variety of enzymes like “papain and “bromelain” which occur in fruits like papayas and even pineapple. Both of these fruits help to whiten up an individual’s teeth. This technique is used by a number of people in order to protect their teeth from all sorts of dirt and yellow stains.


A variety of individuals have bright white teeth and they may become yellow as they age. One can maintain their white teeth by following an excellent “oral hygiene” routine. Look at this for more ways to whiten your teeth.