Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Duo Extension Set, Aluminum, Best Holiday with Baby

bugaboo double stroller

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Go to the mall or anywhere with a stroller is certainly more practical than to be carrying your baby. However, for the sake of convenience of the baby, you must provide a quality stroller.

bugaboo double stroller

Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Duo Extension Set, is designed for twin  or two children with the same age. A lucky parents are those who had twins. Spending time with twins has never been easier or convenient. Bugaboo Donkey is a smooth ride for children. And when they are a little older, you can put them on the chairs so that they faced each other, facing you or facing the world. And in just three simple clicks that can convert into a twin stroller. This stroller ergonomic design also makes it easier to push. While the width – only 5.4 inches wider than the mono configuration, it has meaning that you can get in and out of the entrance easily.

At glance, The Bugaboo Donkey is really flexible that allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your needs. The Bugaboo Donkey is suitable for twins and children of the same age, and is also suitable from birth.

Perfect Size

The size is perfect for baby weight from birth to 15 kg. Furthermore, from infants to toddlers, it is ready to go from day one, the crib easily converts to a chair and vice-versa. In the two-seat design is made to facing the world, allowing your kids to explore the world around them. In part two chairs which is facing each other, specifically designed for optimal interaction and fun between your children.

Easy and Practice Basket

One piece of folding basket and service makes folding and storing beomes easy and practice. In the part of compact folding, it has function to easy to store goods at home or in the car. The use of independent seat and carrycot use self standing independent chair and basket on the ground.

Stylish Car Seat Designe

It is also offered a compatible car seat design. There are two positions of the wheels of the wheel with two chairs, enjoy your journey through sand and snow. You can also use a reclining chair or reverse with just one hand, always have one hand free.

Adjustable Handle Bar

One hand operation is to reverse and release. The handle bar height adjustable, comfortable ride regardless of your height. Multi terrain seamless, large wheels help you maneuver over rough terrain or through the city streets. Reversible seat  for your child is every mood is facing you, the world faces.  The reclinable seat is to sit upright when awake, lying down when relaxed, or lying down when asleep.

Product Description

This type of stroller is designed with a unique style. Bugaboo Donkey Duo Weekender Extension Set to change the mono Donkey stroller duo. In detail, the extension duo set consists of: Seat frame, seat fabric base, cognac leatherette carrying handle, extended striped sun canopies with gray jersey lining and a rain cover. It also has the ability to shelter Item Weight 9.6 pounds with product dimensions 35.4 x 15.4 x 10 inches. At Battery, it is needed there inside. This is not a stroller, this is a set of extensions: Bugaboo Donkey Duo Weekender Extension Set to change the mono Donkey stroller duo.

About Product

This product has a Donkey Convert to double stroller. Also comes with: basic chair complete with striped upholstered chairs, Cognac imitation leather carrying handle, striped sun canopies with gray jersey lining. In the reversible seat and reclinable, they are designed for easy and practical. This product has special designed on the material, so that all the fabrics are washable with machine at 30 Degrees C / 86 Degrees F.

Tips Going Out on the Weekend

Stability check: Before deciding to choose a stroller, then check its stability. You do not want it if the stroller rolled. Moreover, if there is a bag for carrying goods, you can also check all its steady while selecting.

Quality Belts: Seat belts are important for prams. Make sure the belt is easily in the lock and can not easily be separated. Check the high overall Bolts: Sometimes there is a screw loose. Then check and make sure there are no tapered section that could potentially harm the child.

Check Brake of Stroller: Select stroller which has a hand brake, so you can control it when it is suddenly braking. And select the stroller with stroller wheels can be locked when stopped. In accordance with the proportion of the Body: Not only comfort for the baby, but also encouraging. So be sure to boost grip and height settings matched with a portion of your body.

Wheel Stroller: If the stroller is in use for long distance travel, then select the large wheel  so that the baby is more comfortable. However, if it is used only around the house, then select the smaller wheels.

Basket Supplies: If there is a basket of the stroller, make it easy to put stuff and also efficient. Select the easy folding: Today, many models of strollers are more practical. You can choose a stroller that can be folded so that it can be taken and saved practically.

Baby Age Size: Choose a baby carriage in accordance with the age and size of the child’s body so that they feel comfortable.

Pros Cons
  • Great design
  • Heavy
  • big

There are some specifications of the products you need to know. This stroller weighs 9.6 pounds so it is classified as a lightweight stroller, while the dimension of the product is 35.4 x 15.4 x 10 inches. You do not need to use the battery to be able to use this stroller.

How to review of double Bugaboo stroller on top? Are you interested in buying? What are you waiting for? Immediately decide to buy the best stroller for your baby beloved.


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